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Today, we celebrate the midpoint of the year—183 days down and 183 days to go. This unique occurrence can only happen in a leap year. Today also marks the beginning of July! It's hard to believe it's July, but the corn is taller than knee-high, so it must be July. Perhaps the most sobering reality for students is that summer break is a third over. Summer is flying by. I haven't heard students use the word 'bored' this summer. The students have been occupied with sports, fairs, friends, jobs, and video games. Despite their busy schedules, we are deeply honored they choose to spend their Wednesday nights with us.

This Wednesday is July 3. Unfortunately, we did not ask about family plans for celebrating the 4th of July. Last year, several students talked about Lake McBride, Anamosa, and Mechanicsville fireworks. According to the Gazette (, those events are a mix of the 3rd and  4th. Not knowing family plans and failing to ask sooner, this week will be an abbreviated night for U|C Youth, 6:30 - 7:30 pm. That will still allow time to attend a celebration if that's your family tradition or desire.

Here's the plan for Wednesday, July 3rd!

FOOD: A "4th of July" Cookout with Burgers and Dogs, Chips, Watermelon, and Lemonade.

FUN: Outdoor games, weather permitting

FAITH: A few weeks ago, I asked the students what questions they would like to ask God. They gave some fun responses. Here are a few. Why did God make people? Why did God make bugs? What does God like to do? Is Halloween a religious holiday? Why can't the Packers win the Super Bowl? What is God's favorite book of the Bible? All really fun questions to talk about. This week, we'll discuss one or two of those questions during dinner.

We enjoy all the energy and perspectives of 6th - 12th graders. All are welcome! Register students and find information on our U|C Youth website.