Uncommon Church is a group of people seeking to experience and spread the love and hope of Jesus Christ in Lisbon, Iowa.  While we are a small church, we sense God moving among the youth of our town. 

U|C Youth aims to be a support system for students to connect with trusted, christ-like leaders and find a healthy community of peers as they explore questions of faith and life. Each night will include a simple meal, fun activities, and conversations based on the Bible.  

Jesus offers life-changing love and hope to people of all ages. You're invited to come and experience it yourself.

U|C Youth
Week of June 19


The most frequent meal request or suggestion has been goulash. It seems like a popular choice, even on hot nights. Neither my wife nor I grew up eating goulash, so we have not had it until now. But this week, by popular demand, we will serve goulash, bread, veggies, and something sweet. 


The KCRG app says there's a good chance of rain on Wednesday. Even if it has stopped by 6:30, things could still be wet, so we will be playing indoor games—Train Wreck, Fruit Basket, and some Minute To Win It games. There might even be prizes!


We are halfway through the book of Genesis. This Wednesday, we will review the first 25 chapters. I wanted to begin in Genesis because it is the beginning of the Bible.  In the book of Genesis, we are introduced to God, the human condition, and God's solution. In the creation account, we learn that humans are special and why God loves us so much. God also communicates his desires to bring true rest into our lives. Even though humans have rejected God and His ways, He restores healthy relationships with humans who trust Him by faith. The book of Genesis isn't an easy book to study. It has some sketchy and confusing parts to it. Yet, Genesis is an honest book. It shows us the worst side of humans and the horrible ways we can treat each other. But amid the mess, it also shows us that God is willing to meet us where we're at and loves us enough NOT to leave us there. Genesis shows us that God desires to work through humans. He is not a God removed from us, running the world from a distance. Rather, God is near to us and desires to involve humans in all he desires to accomplish.